CIMB Lunar Year Digital Account Opening Campaign

CIMB Digital Account Opening Campaign

Open a Savings Account, anytime, anywhere.

Ring in the Lunar New Year with joy and prosperity!

Embrace the festivities and seize your chance to claim your share
from RM476,000 Cashback rewards!




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Campaign Period: Now -Till 30 April 2024

Important Notes
1.*Limited to 5,000 winners per month, based on first come, first served basis.
2.Cashback of RM10, RM20 and RM100 will be drawn by random selection.
3.Customers will need to fulfill all criteria under “how to participate” in order to be eligible for cashback.
4.This campaign is open to all individuals who do not have a Current Account/-i and/or Savings Account/-i (”CASA/-i”), with CIMB prior to     the Campaign Period.
5.Customers may select ‘Online Account Opening’ for account opening method of the following account types:
   i. AirAsia Savers Account

   ii. Regular Savings Account

   iii. Basic Savings Account

   iv. EcoSave Savings Account-i

   v. Basic Savings Account-i

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Promotion Period : 10-Oct-2023 till 30-Apr-2024
Posted on 14-Feb-2024