Public Bank Super FD offer 8.88% rate

With a minimum placement of RM30,000 to the maximum of RM3,000,000 (80% PLUS FD & 20% PLUS SA), you will enjoy step-up FD rate from 3.08% pa first month till 8.88%pa on the 12th month.


First Month FD Rate - 3.08% pa
Second Month FD Rate - 3.18% pa
Third Month FD Rate -3.28% pa
Forth Month FD Rate - 3.38% pa
Firth Month FD Rate - 3.48% pa
Sixth Month FD Rate - 3.58% pa
Seventh Month FD Rate - 3.68% pa
Eighth Month FD Rate - 3.78% pa
Ninth Month FD Rate - 3.88% pa
Tenth Month FD Rate - 4.88% pa
Eleventh Month FD Rate - 6.88% pa
Twelveth Month FD Rate - 8.88% pa

Promotion Period : 28 January till 31 August 2014

Flexibility to withdraw at any time and still entitle to the bank's prevailing FD counter rates.

Terms and conditions:
- 12-month Effective FD Rate is 4.33% pa
- Applicable for individuals only
- The PLUS FD will be placed under 1 month tenure on auto-renewal basis
- Fresh funds only
- Deposit inthe PLUS SA will earning prevailing PLUS SA interest rates
- The promotional interest rates will be subject to revision should there be any Overnight Policy Rate changes
- PLUS FD & PLUS Sa are eligible for protection by PIDM

Posted on 2014-07-09 12:12:45